Our Mission 

 The Dillon County Boys and Girls Youth Center was established as a 501c3, not-for-profit organization in 2013 with a Mission of strengthening underserved youth, families, and communities through education, training, partnerships and providing a safe place to be free of violent and the fear of violent.  

 Our Vision 

Our vision is to transform the lives of youth through structured, evidence-based programming. The center has accomplished its mission with parental help, through programs in the summer and after-school, literacy, academic, educational enhancements, increased school attendance, and better school performance.

Our Goals

We aim to increase community awareness and involvement in meaningful prevention strategies, To act as a bridge between families and schools. And provide a wraparound services to families in the communities that we serve, such as parenting classes and education. We will  support local business and agencies by purchasing our needed supplies locally. When we buy locally we give back to our community.



The Dillon County Boys and Girls Youth Center operates on 4 day per week schedule.  Daily operations starts at 3:00 and will include snacks, educational training, tutoring  Stem and self-help classes. We are Located in Latta ,SC. Our facility  can accommodate up to 40 youth with a multipurpose room and a full kitchen. The Dillon County Boys and Girls Youth Center have a number of Volunteering  staff ranging from Students, Teachers and Professional Counselors. 





" Let's Read" 


The goal of the Ruby and Rose Books Aloud Program is to:

 Increase students access to a wide range of high-quality books

  • Help build personal libraries for children all school year long

  • Allow children to develop a love of reading

  • Engage parents in reading to their children through a build-at-home library

  • Improve children’s language skills and academic vocabulary (e.g. critical to understanding concepts and content in subject areas).



4K is an important and challenging year for reading. Over the past several years, your child has been solidifying foundational skills like decoding and fluency. With hard work and the help of Ruby and Rose Literacy Program, we hope to make this possible.

We have given away over 5,000 books to 4K and 5K students in Dillon County to start a "Personal At Home Library ".













Email us:  dcbgyc@gmail.com   /  P.O. Box 862  Dillon, SC  29536